Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bzero: Week in Review – Week Ending 2009.04.25

This has been a very nice week. The weather’s improving, I’m still working, and I’ve had a lot of time to spend with people whose company I enjoy. Next week I work from 2 AM to 10:30 AM, so this might be the last time I’ll be able to function coherently for several days while I adjust to a radically different sleep schedule. Of course, once I do – it’s back to 1:30 PM to 10 PM! *headdesk*

Sunday Jero had to leave early to go down to Bloomington for a roller derby promotional event, so I stayed at her house and at three PM signed us up for Gen Con events when registration opened. I was hoping to see Mika that night, but she was sick so had to cancel. Instead, I hung out at Jero’s for a while and then went out to dinner with Asca. After dinner we hung out and snuggled until she had to head home.

Monday morning before I went to sleep I brought Ke ice-cream and stayed there to snuggle. In the afternoon I got up and had lunch with Jero before going into work. After work I’d planned to go home, but Jero said I could come back over, so I wound up going to her place where I logged onto the MUX and got to role-play with Spike as Buster before Jero and I headed to bed.

Tuesday night after work I picked up Nivagi from her apartment and we grabbed Jimmy Johns before returning to my place. Nivagi had wanted to show me some Star Trek songs by Voltaire, so that of course started an all-filk evening of Voltaire, The Great Luke Ski, and Jonathan Coulton. Before we knew it it was 2AM, and Nivagi had to be at work at 8:50 AM. I set my laptop aside at last, and we went to bed to sleep as long as possible.

Wednesday morning I drove Nivagi to work and then went to Jero’s to pick up my flash drive, which I’d left there Tuesday morning. I hung out at Jero’s until work, and then after work went to Ke’s, bringing her food and ice-cream. We hung out and watched The Colbert Report and other shows (as well as listening to the Voltaire Star Trek songs) until Ke lured me to off the laptop and into bed for cuddles and sleep.

Thursday morning Ke got up and showered early enough to grab brunch at Qdoba’s. That night I went to Jero’s and we snuggled while I caught up on Dollhouse. Jero was sleepy but I wasn’t, so I let her doze while I stayed up and watched The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When I was drowsy enough I snuggled her up and joined her in sleep.

Yesterday work was busy since it was the last Friday of the month and they let everyone else go home early with E-time, but the phones finally quieted down at the end of the night long enough for me to relax a bit before the day ended. When I got home Jero joined me and we went downstairs to hot tub. After we showered we watched an episode of Transformers and Jero went to sleep while I laptopped.

Today ERRO is coming over so Jero can tutor her in statistics. Mira is coming up from Evansville to spend the weekend, and tonight I’m hosting a small game night in the piano room of my apartment building. B!, Chpa, Jogr, Ke, and Nivagi are going to join us for the game night, so that should be fun. Tomorrow Ke and Mira plan to sit on me and make me sleep so I can go into work at 2 AM. Oy.

“Eating antacids like they're Skittles. Taste the rainbow of anxiety.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Update: Erro's Wedding and Roller Ball

I had a great weekend on January 10th and 11th. That Saturday I went into work early so I could leave in time to get to Erro’s wedding, where I was one of the ushers (listed in the program as one of the Bodyguard B-!s: The Least Sneaky Ninjas). Jero picked me up for work and drove me down to Bloomington, where the two of us got to watch the rehearsal.

Erro’s wedding was structured like a play and held in a theatre. They performed an amusing re-enactment of how they met, bringing the wedding party on stage as they were introduced in the narrative. The play portion was funny and sweet, and when they got to the “And in the end, there was only love” part, Chwi, the officiator, moved down to join them.

Chwi read a ceremony from his BlackBerry. He pointed out that the wedding wasn’t going to be sanctified by god, or the state – as part of Erro’s vow not to get legally married until everyone could, regardless of sexual orientation.

Brbe and Erro exchanged vows, which were both hilarious and so heartfelt that I almost wound up teary-eyed myself. Next, each of the wedding party either told a story about the bride or groom, or gave potentially shady marital advice.

Brbe and Erro invited the guests to speak, and B! and I said something along the lines of, "As the original starter B-!s, we are pleased that you found a B-! that makes you this happy, and since we love you, we love Brbe for taking such good care of you."

Chwi pronounced them bride and groom, and they kissed before they even exchanged rings. B! and I threw open the doors and the guests were released through a long receiving line back into the main reception, with homebrewed mead and awesome food.

I got to see a lot of people I seldom get to – I hugged Jeroph before I remembered she doesn’t like me anymore (she was very polite and took it well); I got to see Krka for the first time in ages; and M0was there with her looking fabulous with her beau.

I hung out with B!, Chwi, and M31, and with Emmemy and Mars, who were there with their adorable kid. I told Erro how absolutely beautiful and sexy she looked in her fishnet-enhanced wedding dress, and I complimented Rere on pulling everything off brilliantly.

Jero and I hung out as late and long as we could, and then skipped out to attend Roller Ball, which was fortuitously happening just three blocks away. This year they had a Vegas theme, and when we got there Jero’s team kidnapped her for secret business.

Jalyru was at the ball since she is a new striver in Jero’s league, and it was fun to hang out with Jalyru and Jero most of the night. I got to see Elbe and Scbe as well, although I didn’t get as much of a chance to talk with them at the ball.

Sir Loin had prepared a video showcasing the derby veterans from last year, and there was an award ceremony for best jammer, etc (Kaka Caliente deservedly won MVP). The league framed the jerseys of the retiring athletes, signed by all the league members, which was sad and sweet.

After the planned events there was music and dancing. Jero had enjoyed mead at the wedding and brown ale at the ball, so she was relaxed enough to be seen dancing with me in public. Jalyru joined us for grooving with the friends she’d brought along.

The music seemed to start with the 60s (fitting the Vegas theme) and then progress forward in decades. Naturally, I did most of my dancing to 80s songs, discovering just how much work it can be to dance in heavy steel-toed boots.

The company was good, the dancing was fun, and the eye-candy was great – turns out that a room full of inebriated roller girls leads to a lot of hot badass girl-on-girl grinding. Imagine my surprise! *chuckle*

Jero and I hung out at late as possible and then headed back to Indy to sleep. I didn’t have plans on Sunday until late in the day, so Jero and I got to sleep very late to recover. We’d had an excellent time.

Sunday night I met up with Nivagi to celebrate her birthday. I couldn’t afford to take her out to dinner, so we ordered Chinese food and stayed in. We got time alone and the ability to sleep in late together, which she said was a good start to her birthday week.

All in all I had an excellent weekend. Erro’s wedding was original and reflected her personality far better than most of the generic church weddings I’ve been to. Roller Ball was a lot of fun, and it was great to have a rare sleep-in day with Nivagi.

-- Bzero

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday 2008.12.14

I had a very nice time last night. Saturday afternoon Icey and I slept late and didn’t really want to leave the house to be social. Nonetheless, once Icey had decided to skip derby practice today, that streamlined our plans a bit and we grabbed food before heading out to our first party, which was with the CCS roller derby team. We hung out there for a couple of hours (Icey got presents from the team and had a shot) and then headed to the Indy Poly Meetup Holiday party.

The Indy Poly Meetup Holiday party was a lot of fun. I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and meet new fun people. I saw Daar and finally got to meet her husband C# and their very adorable kid. I teased Tojo that I never knew the centerpiece of his parties was tossing a stuffed dog around a circle for the amusement of a two-year-old. It was nice to see Salamander and Nivagi again as well – I need to steal them for D&D character creation soon.

After midnight the non-kinky people left and the holiday after-party began. Apparently Mika had metaphorically thrown Daar under the bus the night before, making her get beaten first (although Mika insisted Daar jumped in front of the bus herself!), so this time it was Mika’s turn to start things off. Tojo chained Mika to a chin-up bar and warmed up, which was interesting although a little odd – I’ve been dating Mika for over a year, but she only recently got into BDSM.

After Mika was sufficiently warmed up, DaddyChef took over. I’d not met DaddyChef or seen him work before last night, so it was fun and instructive to watch him and observe his technique. Mika seemed to be enjoying his efforts as well even though she’s not the hardcore painslut Daar is. Icey and I watched DaddyChef beat Mika with a variety of instruments, and then finally DaddyChef and Tojo took her down. I snuggled her and lightly rubbed her back while she recovered.

While Mika was coming down from her endorphin high, we watched DaddyChef give a Shibari demonstration with Daar as the model/test subject. DaddyChef was specifically showing Daar’s husband C# what he was doing, but all of us got to benefit from the instruction. Once Daar was beautifully tied up, DaddyChef added a harness and suspended her from the chin-up bar. He beat her a few times, but most of her experience was from the suspension itself.

Another couple at the party was very new to BDSM, but had become intrigued as the night wore on. They went outside and discussed their interests and limits, and when DaddyChef was free talked to him about introducing the wife to the experience of bottoming. I found this process very interesting to watch – DaddyChef introduced her to his toys and had them touch and feel them, and worked very slowly, introducing her to each new sensation and keeping her husband involved in the process.

Once DaddyChef had given the wife some sample whacks on her breasts, nipples, inner thighs, and panty-clad pussy, obviously and visibly turning her on, DaddyChef had her get on her hands and knees on the couch while he beat her ass. Since he couldn’t see her face, he had her signal with her hands if she wanted to continue, and her thumbs-up expressed her desire for more and more. At her request he beat her back as well, announcing to her husband that a new painslut had been born.

By this point it was getting very late, and Icey and I were trying to decide if we should play or leave. Mika really wanted us to stay, and I pointed out to Icey that we don’t often get opportunities anymore for her to bottom to a skilled top. Icey decided she did want to stay and play, and so after discussing her limits and requests with DaddyChef, she took off her bra, bracelet, necklace, and shirt, and allowed herself to be secured overhead to the chin-up bar by her wrists.

DaddyChef had asked me to spot for him, so Icey told me her safe word and DaddyChef said since he couldn’t see her face (since he was behind her), he was going to watch mine. I was to let him know immediately if Icey needed to stop. When Icey and I were ready, DaddyChef warmed Icey up slowly, and then beat her harder and harder with his floggers. I was focused on Icey’s face, watching her reactions, so I couldn’t pay as much attention to what DaddyChef was doing, although I could tell Icey was having a good time.

Icey hadn’t worked out a Slow Down/Yellow safeword, so when she needed a break for a moment all she could yell was “Stop!” which did make DaddyChef stop for a moment until he realized, “Hey! That wasn’t your safeword!” and start up again. Unfortunately, by trying to stand close enough to carefully monitor Icey meant I’d accidently limited her ability to move forward and back, making it difficult for her to self-adjust how hard she was being hit. Consequently she had to safeword sooner than she wanted.

Besides being a little frustrated she couldn’t play as long as she’d wanted (and slightly worried about somehow insulting DaddyChef by having to safeword), Icey said she’d had a really good time and enjoyed herself greatly. I snuggled Icey while she recovered, and then we retrieved her clothes and our coats from the bedroom before Tojo started warming up Daar for a proper beating by DaddyChef. We watched DaddyChef play with Daar a bit, but by then it was almost 6 AM, so we headed home.

It was a great night for me for many reasons. For one, I got to see people I haven’t seen in forever. I’ve been trying to get back into BDSM, and last night served as both inspiration and instruction. I’ve been feeling a little left out of Mika’s new BDSM explorations, so it was great to feel included in that aspect of her life. Finally, it’s just fun to watch two of my girlfriends get beaten by someone who knows what they’re doing, and to aspire to be the one holding the flogger in the future.